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The Question Of Coverage For The Ride Service Drivers.

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There is a widespread attitude in a major corner of the technology industry that goes something like this: If you are helping people to ride in an extra bedroom or rent their cars (not rent, rent), then normal Laws and insurance issues should not be given attention. Entrepreneurs started useful services, attracted millions of users, crossed their fingers, and hoped that before the mind of the government, no one else would ever die to scold.

And so it is with the UberX service of Lyft and Uber, which helps people who need the ride to find drivers using their own vehicles. Those who have used the services know that there is a revolutionary improvement rather than being mortgaged for unbelievable taxi services and their unexpected availability to bring the car through a mobile app.

But this year, both companies are fighting offensive to avoid taking full responsibility to ensure that drivers have the right type of insurance and much more. Last month, a heavy bilateral majority of MPs in California ordered these transport companies to start doing this the following year.

This can increase the cost of riding a little bit in California and elsewhere if there are similar moves in other states and cities, but this should be the case. After all, another myth – who says that every time the internet improves our lives, the solution should be cheaper than being better.

When you buy a car and buy insurance, the policy almost always says that if you are charging people to invest money, then this will not apply. Despite this, drivers were being asked to present insurance claims for their private insurance carrier with the help of drivers riding in services like uberX. Companies generally had a backup policy that a driver’s private insurance company had refused to claim due to the boycott of the policy, which does not allow trading for money to ride.

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Alex cikk

December 29, 2014

It should be noted that Govern Brown threatened the veto if passenger payout along with bill was not less than $ 750K to $ 250K …


September 13, 2014

Even with all app-based hupla for summoning, Uber and lift drivers are regularly hiring fare from taxis insured from SF airport and …


September 13, 2014

We went to apply as a driver so far, but after reading the fine print, I was afraid our insurance provider would leave us …

They put drivers in a difficult place, they can tell the truth about their commercial use of the car and can risk the risk of insurance carriers and can completely cancel their policy. Or they can avoid mentioning your riding and operating operations during any claim process and expect that what the insurance company has done with the vehicle, do not ask.

Mailer sent by Uber to voters in the district of Suben Bonilla

Uber was the largest company in this area, encouraging the drivers to hide insurance fraud from the truth that how they were using their cars? No driver has come forward to make this claim public, but industry observers have doubts. Brian Sullivan, the editor of the Auto Insurance Reports newsletter, has reported on a large scale the issue, “There is no honest answer in which it is not included, ‘I hope drivers are the liars'” It’s just a small lever Which they were using to create a business in their early days. ”

Uber spokesman Lane Casselman said that Uber does not encourage lying. “When driver partners ask us about the process of claiming for their personal insurer, we recommend that they are honest and clear to their insurer,” he said in an e-mailed statement. Lyft did not respond to requests for comment

At the beginning of the year, the question of insurance became more important when an uberX driver killed a family in the San Francisco Crosswalk in search of riders, killed a 6-year-old girl and injured her brother and mother. The mother said that the driver saw a glowing screen just before killing them.

Immediately, a question has emerged: If the driver is just looking for riders with their Uber driver app, what if a company has responsibility and there is no damage to them? Uber said after a crash case that the driver “was not providing Uber System services during the accident.”

When drivers have the Uber driver app, however, they are providing a great service to the Uber system. After all, the riders want to use Uber only, if there are lots of empty pass cars available, potential riders can see their phone screen and call them. After this, the drivers are helping Uber a lot when their app is operational and they are available, even if they are not on the way to pick up the riders who have called them and there is no one in the rear seat.

After the fatal accident, a California State Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla introduced the law, which required the world’s Uber to ensure proper occupation insurance was in place unless the customers had their closure Turn on apps.

The insurance industry-sponsored this law, and the State Insurance Commissioners started their efforts during the spring, many of them warned of issuing consumer warnings that driver and passengers may not have adequate insurance coverage when the driver for the passengers Riding the ride.

In July 2013, taxi drivers protested against app-based ride services in San Francisco, who are struggling to ensure their drivers. Credit back DeFanebatch / Reuters

Ubebe improved his insurance coverage, after providing “primary” coverage for uberX drivers, in his move in July, when he is going to pick up the person who called him or added passengers to the car is. This meant that drivers would not be required to claim claims for their personal insurance policy before those two types of circumstances.

But at that time when the driver was looking for riders and he has not yet found a single company where the company had only one backup insurance if the driver’s privacy policy had previously denied any claim. The law of this period became the focus of deep lobbying around because companies were expected to avoid primary responsibility at this time and then possibly fight to keep coverage down.

California’s Assembly lady Ms. Bonilla said that she has never seen any person or organization with anything that she has worked so hard on anything. “Susan Bonilla is leaving the consumers and entrepreneurs to stop,” Meler said that Uber sent voters, in which there was an unknown little girl in which a sad face on the side of a road had to face. Chris Dolan said, “The fact is that he had completely revolted the face of a little girl on the back,” said Chris Dolan, who died of the family of a 6-year-old girl who died. “It was a piece of protest against the law that a dead little girl was involved and supported in the family.”

The strategy did not work, and the law was passed after some last-minute intervention from the Governor’s Office. Once he signs it, a firewall will effectively occur in California from July 2015, which keeps ride-by-hire companies offloading insurance risks on drivers’ private insurance providers. This will happen when they turn on the app to see the riders when they leave the riders. In an e-mailed statement, Uber spokesman Eva Behrens said, “California people love Uber, and MPs have heard them loud and clear.” “General knowledge has become stronger, and the winners are California.”

The bill also encourages insurance companies to develop new policies for drivers who can use both commercial and personalized vehicles; It should be seen whether companies like Uber and LIFT will buy it for drivers, even if the drivers themselves have to buy, how much will it cost, how much extra expenditure will increase in the rent of the customer and whether the other states and cities adopt the same rules.


By July, California drivers should keep track of their exact policy language for companies: Some insurance companies exclude commercial activity only when the paid riders are in the car, but others have policy language, Which leaves any taxicab activity, even if a driver should ask the insurers to look for only one passenger, empty bills Indeed, if they are covered during the period when they are in search of paid passengers but no one has yet, insurers can soon set up policy language in this area.

Due to these skirmishes which they want to do without proper insurance coverage, they will move forward, and Ms. Bonilla is already anticipating the next one. “The next session will have an air blank bill,” he said, answering his concerns for Airbnb hosts, who rent a room, or entire apartment or house through the company. “They do not know what the risk is.”

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