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Number Of Unpaid taxed vehicles in UK trebles after Tax Disc Abolition

New figures show that, since the abolition of the paper tax in 2014, the growing number of drivers is forgetting to renew their car tax every year.

New data from the Transport Department, published every two years, suggests that the number of vehicles coming down in the number of vehicles on UK roads has increased in recent years, which is 28.5% more than the previous survey in 2015.

The latest Vehicle Excise Duty Stealing Survey estimates that 1.9% of all vehicles on the road are ineffective. Although it may look like a small number, it is equivalent to 755,000 vehicles.

Since 2013, before the paper tax disc has ended, the number of drivers of the new Vehicle Excise Duty (Wide) Paperless System has increased three times.

This measure was done to save the treasure to £ 10 million per year, but it has been suggested that road tax evasion could be up to £ 107 million in possible revenue.

While considering the data for the past few years, the evidence is to estimate that the paperless electronic register has seen the openness of illusion, ignorance, and law.

Perhaps a visual clue to pay a disc-like paid discs was an impressive signal to remind the drivers for a tax refurbishment.

RAC Public Actors Manager Nicholas Lys had proposed that without taxes the failure of educating these additional drivers of cars can be seen as to how and when to make their vehicles, and more to solve it should be done.

Apart from this, they think that the DVLA needs to actually empower the drivers, who start avoiding the tax that they are being caught.

New ownership confusion

There is some confusion as to what happens when the vehicles change, it tells that drivers do not know or do not know that when the ownership changes, there is no tax.

Road car could move with the first car to the new owner. Now, the seller needs to apply for a refund (full month only), while the new owner will have to buy the car from that day,

The DVLA campaign is running so that people can be warned about the increasing number of people who are driving the cars proclaiming the road. It is illegal and you may have to face some serious penalties when driving without tax and insurance.

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