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What Health Care Changes Insurers Hospitals and Drugstores Team Up?

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They look like weird couples: One of the country’s largest Affordable Health Insurance insurers, Aetna, is interacting with CVS Health, who manages the benefits of the pharmacy. Cleveland Clinic, a highly regarded health system, joins forces with insurance launch, Oscar Health, to provide people with a health plan in Ohio Attana also has a new partnership with large health systems, which include groups of hospitals and doctors in Northern California and Virginia.

Affordable Health Insurance these established players are moving forward from their business traditions, now the federal authorities have canceled the mega-merger proposed by the largest insurance companies and blocked an agreement between the chain of two major medicines.

Former opponents are banding together, grading against the turmoil in the rapidly changing Affordable Health Insurance healthcare environment. The dangers that they prepare by interlopers like Amazon are hoping to enter pharmacy business or technology companies providing computer or virtual medical care through a cell phone.

A former hospital and insurance executive, who is a professor, said, “A strong trend for health organizations wants to expand their footprint, especially to get more direct contact with the person of Affordable Health Insurance companies”, Dr. John W. Row said. About the Health Policy at Columbia University

Looking at the Affordable Health Insurance Care Act and Essentiality, the potential appeal of the Core Insurance business, insured is looking to follow the strategy followed by the United Health Group. The large insurer, who has received a series of early outpatient surgery centers this year, has a broad range of beneficial healthcare business such as various consulting arms through its Pharmacy Profit Manager and Optima Unit.

Although companies promote these partnerships as employers and consumers as one-stop shopping, they can put the customers in losses by limiting their options and increasing medical costs.

Under these arrangements, people cannot be able to see doctors outside the organization’s own medical group. In addition, patients may worry that their physician will decide not to conduct a costly test of business savings for insurers and health organizations – business partners. The house pharmaceutical benefit Asst; Manager can direct customers or buyers to certain medicines because these product manufacturers are offering huge discounts even if the drug is too high and expensive or does not work with the competitor or retailer.

And the combined strength of the companies can push consumer spending to a higher level

Employers who buy coverage on behalf of their employees may also have difficulty determining how much they are paying for the given drug or any special service, said Edward A. Kaplan, Senior Vice President in Segel Consulting. When it comes to the price of medicines, there is already a lack of transparency, and the employer may have less information if the Affordable Health Insurance company and the FARC profit manager are the same entity. Kaplan said, “It is going to be difficult for us to be behind the scenes.”

Companies are actively looking for partners who will enter new businesses or provide a new supply of customers. CVS Health, which began in the form of a drug store, operates its medicines in a large fare gain manager as well as clinics running. Together with Etna, which involves approximately 22 million people, CVS members of their mail order and pharmacy business and their physicians located in their clinic located in their decision, to take care of their physicians for maximum care Will be able to direct.

Tom Robinson, a partner of Oliver Wyman, said, “It is a sign of continuous integration in health care” In the last five years, about 200 partnerships were made between Affordable Health Insurance companies and large health groups. By participating in the profits or losses of these enterprises, the parties say that a patient gets the right medicine or the doctor may have access to the nearby clinic instead of landing in an emergency room.

Savings can be a solid anthem, which recently announced that it is planning to launch its Pharmacy Profit Manager, estimates that it can save $ 4 billion in a year, most of which said As a result, low cost of medicines for customers will come.

These partnerships can represent the dramatic departure from the status quo. In many situations, an Affordable Health Insurance company and a hospital group barely talk to each other outside the meeting or can be judged by how much to pay for the knee replacement or overnight stay of the hospital. Discussions Seldom are involved that the patient who has asthma is untreated, or manages the back pain better, which is accompanied by better medical treatment. Will be given

Britt Nesheim, a senior executive with Etna, said contract negotiations between insurance companies and hospital systems are “zero-sum games”. After the contract is signed, and a dispute arises on the cost or the option of treatment, the patient is often caught in the middle.

In 2013, Attana started launching joint schemes with a large organization of Northern Virginia, Innova. More than 193,000 people have been included in this partnership now. Patients are to see a physician who is related to a special network of primary care physicians and experts, most of whom are not employed by Inova but work closely with the system to coordinate care for the patients.

Affordable Health Insurance Innova was able to fund the construction of this network through a joint venture and is now experimenting with new ways of paying network doctors so that they can take responsibility for the overall effectiveness of their care. If they save money by taking care of the patient more efficiently, they take part in the savings.

Patients of these joint ventures have also been assigned a nurse who helps them navigate the system. When a cardiologist fixed a new cholesterol drug that requires $ 200 co-payment, the nurse was able to find a less expensive alternative to the doctor, saving the patient approximately $ 2,300 per year, Mrs. Nethesham said, “This communication It’s about these open lines, “she said.

When Banner Health, a large group located in Phoenix, partnered with Etna to provide a composite Affordable Health Insurance health plan, decided to add 35 retail clinics, where people would rather spend hours or closer to their home instead of showing in the emergency room Can get care Chancel Lehne, president of Banner Health Network, said, “The clinics have low-cost options for our members and are more convenient”.

Is it too soon to tell if they will be successful in making these new additions, when they join the army, Mr. Robinson of Oliver Wyman said, “He just tied the knot.” “Now they have to build relationships.”

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