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Inside a Report On Slavery and it’s Background

The Times Insider The New York Times provides visual insight behind how news, features and opinions come together. In this article, Rachel Gold provides a view behind the report on a story about life insurance policies, which allows slaves to revoke the “value” of their slaves in the event of untimely death of slaves.

The names of slaves are the pages of 19th century laser books. Hundreds named Harriett Warwick Godfrey Square Locket Nathan York Robert Solomon. Alfred

In the 1840s, New York Life, country’s third largest life insurance company, had sold 508 policies on slaves and women. Beneficiaries? Slaveholders, who deposited cash after the untimely death of the slave

I am seeing most of the institutions, especially universities of the year, which benefited from this painful period of American history; The idea was to better understand how the heritage of slavery emerges through our own time, so as I studied the names of the controversial New York Life Leaders controversy in the Scoburg Center for Research in Black Culture, I thought: Can you identify your offspring?

At the beginning of this year, we confirmed the lineage of many readers who wrote to tell us that they believed that one of the 272 slaves who sold their ancestors in Georgia in 1938, was given to Georgetown University Helps in retaining I thought that we could be successful again, so I pulled a list of 16 slaves together with an unusual surname and punched them on ancestors in search engines, a website that has a family record through people’s archival records and DNA tests Helps in the detection of history. I hit a brick wall

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I see to see that someone can get help there, reaching the ancestors. They linked me to a genealogist Christa Cowan for the company. He said, in particular, “a big national discussion about caste” which, of course, becomes involved in the serious discussion of slavery. “He hoped, but well knew that our search could prove useless.

The vast majority of African-Americans did not appear in the census by the name until 1870, so it is difficult to find people living before the Civil War. At that time newspapers were hardly reported on the milestones of African-Americans births, deaths, marriages and other families. Letters written by magazines and letters? They are very rare because Das was usually stopped by learning to read or write by law.

“It’s very sad,” said Ms. Cowan. “But this is the reality to do research in their lives.”

In June, I sent my list of slaves’ list of slaves to those names that used to insure them. (You can find the names of hundreds of slaves insured by New York Life and other companies in the state of California’s Slavery Ages Insurance Registry.)

“I hit at every turn,” said Ms. Cowan.

So he suggested a different approach: pay attention to the slaves’ owners, rich South people who were sometimes included in their human property names and other documents. I have sent a new batch of names. This time, we got lucky.

In July, Ms. Cowan sent me some information about a mining community in Midlothian, VA, where New York Life insured dozens of slaves. He also included the name of a church which was established by slaves in the 1840s. I went to church – now known as the First Baptist of Midlothian – and found that it still exists. I also found that it has a website that includes the names of its founders.

Within a few minutes, I decided that Newton Life had insured one of the founding members of Baptist first to Nathana York. Within a few hours, I discovered my offspring, after the marks of the census and death records, which lasted from 1870 to the 1970’s. I emailed the historian of the church, Audrey Mozel Ross and told him what I had learned about Mr. York and his family. She immediately identified the name of the daughter of grandfather and granddaughter of Mr. York. He was a member of his family

Mr. York, it turned out, was his great-great grandfather.

“I can not believe it,” said Ms. Ross, who had discovered the history of many families in her church, but not herself. “You have opened my eyes.”

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