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Preparing your car for winter top tips and things to check.

Preparing Your Car For Winter

Top Tips & Things To Check.

How to get your car ready for winter

It is important to make sure that you can see and see on the road.

See all your outer lights and keep them clean If no bulb is not working, they are usually very easy to replace or you usually charge a small fee to do so in the garage or service center. Can pay.


  1. Keep your windscreen and windows clean

Less winter suns can often be a real driving threat – especially when roads are mixed with heavy rains. In such a situation, you should always take care when driving, in such a way, cleaning your windscreen and windows regularly, inside and outside Can help with visibility. Use only one cleaner for car glass. To help avoid the aroma, clean the wiping edges of the wiper blade with clean tissue by adding it to the wash and you can freeze them on screen by cutting them on the cut slices of cork while parking at night.

Also check the status of your blade regularly and replace them if necessary. Again, you can do this or you can pay a small fee to do this for you.

Also, put the washer reservoir up and use an additive with antifrase properties (although not the engine antifreeze!). In the morning, you can use hot water (not boiling!) To cover the windows, but see that it runs the side – it can accumulate when it gets freezed.

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  1. Check your tires

Check your car’s tire pressure (including extra wheel) at least once a week and before being set on any long journey. See the walking depth too – 1.6mm is legal minimum but for good grip on wet roads, the walking depth is 2.0mm, then the tire is best to change.

If you are driving on snow-covered roads then it may be able to buy a set winter tire or ice socks for your current tire.

  1. Check under the bonnet

Check the level in the coolant reservoir and with the mixture of water and antifreeze solution it is necessary. Cooling (with antifreeze) should be changed every two to three years.

Also make sure that the antifreeze concentration in the cooling system is adequate – if there is a leak and you are rising above the plain water, then it is not possible. The garage can test it for you, or you can buy a tester from the car accessories store.

When you are there, make sure the battery terminals are tight and not crushed. Flat battery is the biggest reason for winter breakdown, so do not wait to fail your battery, change it in good time. And without making a switch on the headlights, blower or hot rear window until the engine runs, you make things easier for the battery.

  1. Keep an emergency kit

Always have an emergency kit in your car, which includes jumps, torch, shovel and D-ICER. You may want some bottled water and non-perishable food if you get stuck, in the snow or in a long traffic jam. Some extra warm clothes and blankets are worth adding as well

  1. Iced off the door?

There is no point in leaving the Lock D-ICER in the car, if it means that you can not get it if you need it, so make sure you keep some home or garage.

  1. Drive slowly

Slowly move slowly, smoothly and slowly on the slippery roads, speed up gradually, break slowly and easily brake.

  1. If your journey is necessary, consider it

Before going on a trip in snowy or snowy conditions, think that it is really necessary to travel, or it can wait to be safe, it is better to be safe, to be protected.

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